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Audit and control

Audit is characterized by precise, logical and systematic steps. It represents independent control of company performance, which aims to identify problem areas and opportunities of company as well as recommendation of steps to improve the situation of company.

With increasing business demands and escalating regulation of environment, internal auditors focus on greater visibility into internal controls and ways how to reduce risk and expand the scope of auditors – all with limited resources of internal audit. More and more audit teams recognize the benefits of continuous auditing through traditional ad-hoc or periodic audits. For achievement of these milestones are powerfull technologies essential.

To supervise the activities of users with unstructured data is used product Aungate.

The main advantages of Aungate are:

  • minimizing dependence on manual operations
  • direct access to actual data for fast analysis and identification of important points in documents
  • makes it easier to identify patterns and relationships between people and data
  • eliminitation of accidental deletion and destruction, secures data so that it is always accessible in its native form
  • automatic monitoring of following the rules on servers, PCs and laptops connected to the corporate network as well as those not connected in the corporate network
  • automatic categorization, linking and adding priority to information
  • ability to analyze data that is scattered through the organization and which is permanently available with shared access

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