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Business Intelligence

The main mission of Business Intelligence is to give the right information in the right time, to the right people, the right way.

In other words, the role of Business Intelligence is to make the current existing data in each company, for example accounting, transaction, marketing, etc., valuable and useful for business management information. Support of the most important processes is the main mission of Business Intelligence.

In present, 90% of companies in the market are able to work with structured data. However, problems at work with this data will appear as soon as company will try to analyse and compare data from all of its system at the same time. For example that a company wants to analyse data from sales, warehouse, manufacturing, accounting, CRM and others systems that the company uses at work.

A problem also occurs when working with unstructured data, which carry a lot of important information not only about processes in society but also around it, information about the behaviour of competitors, suppliers and financial impacts. Product portfolio of our company, VERI2 Search serverIDOL TM Server, can successfully handle not only structured but also unstructured data.

Advantages offered by Business Intelligence:

  • reduction of intuitive decision making, helps with getting high quality, consolidated and quick accessible information, which are used for decision-making with better quality
  • improvement of business operations and competitiveness of company
  • providing access to analysis, reports and information that is relevant and true
  • possibility of monitoring and forecasting trends in selected areas
  • improvement of marketing activities

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