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GeoTime Desktop

GeoTime® Desktop


The best presentation tool for with sharing data with responsible people in Law Enforcement sector, analysts and in the courtroom

  • The industry´s with 3D mapping capabilities and analytical tool
  • Statistically proven to increase analyst accuracy and efficiency
  • Proven track record in achieving criminal convictions
  • Works with your existing analytical tools and data sources
  • IALEIA, DARPA and IEEE award winning

Cell phones – Device and Service

Internet Platform Data


Cell site – Map historical call detail records (CDRs) and live location alerts from all major carriers.

Mobile forensics – Add context with extracted device data from Cellebrite, Ufed and MSAB XRY


Quickly understand a target´s pattern of life from web platforms such as:

  • Social media application
  • Google location history
  • Uber location history

Vehicle data

GPS data


Map vehicle movements from ANPR systems and Berla exports. Easily identify navigation history and any connected phone data.


Get actionable intelligence for surveillance, offender tracking and more.