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Enterprise search – VERI2 Search Solution

Heart of software infrastructure is built on intelligent platform, which operates over organization’s data and server as a platform for conceptual and contextual understanding of business information. This complete layer over infrastructure allows automatic categorization, highlighting, hyperlinking and profiling of all types of unstructured information in real time regardless of the source. Automatically can process any information from more than 1.000 different formats, including text, voice or video, and provides more than 500 functions.

Selected key features:

  • Automatic hyperlinking
  • Automatic categorization
  • Automatic query support
  • Automatic taxonomy generation
  • Automatic clustering
  • Visualization of clusters
  • Controlled navigation
  • Entity extraction
  • Personalised agents
  • Profiling
  • Conceptual search
  • Full metadata, XML and processing of structured information

VERI2 Seach Solution platform provides a flexible system, which includes basic attributes of organization’s platform:

  • Expandability – linearly extensible system that can grow with the growth of the organization’s information needs
  • Security – access by users or user groups to documents, based on access level rights
  • Language support – allows you to use multilingual data sources
  • Support for future technologies – architecture is ready for expansion and can grow and adapt to new requirements and technologies

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