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Solution for GDPR

A lot of information is outside of commonly used systems.

It is relatively easy to take care of your data in applications such as CRM, ERP, DMS. However, there are questions:

  • How to take care of the amount of information that is outside these applications stored in files on local disks, servers, emails or some other databases (let’s talk about information in the shadows) ?
  • In which files, in which repositories do our employees have sensitive information from the GDPR point of view?
  • How to easily audit this information from a personal data protection perspective?

VERI2 GDPR solution

VERI2 GDPR solution can reliably browse files stored in various formats (Word, Excel, PDF,…) in various Windows, Linux, RDBMS repositories, emails or internal web pages. And thanks to the long-term improved support of Slovak language, it can provide you with sophisticated content analysis and identify sensitive content from the point of view of personal data protection.

With the help of powerful analytical and search tools, it is possible to directly search and analyze content, prepare lists of sensitive information for decision-making, how to deal with them further, e.g. transfer to another system such as CRM, ERP, .., delete, mark for anonymization or other according to the need and nature of information. VERI2 GDPR platform will allow you from the center to reliably not only audit these various sources of shaded information and submit the result to the control institution, but also to create rules for monitoring, classifying and labeling information from the point of view of their need for protection and handling.

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