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Using VERI2 Search Servers, organizations can save up to 60% of the costs compared to traditional spending methods eDiscovery. With our solution you can quickly identify key issues, assess the nature of the case and organize millions of files. Built-in functions of conceptual analysis, clastering, automatic categorization and different visualizations will speed up indentification of key information in structured and unstructured data.

Product features:

  • Immediate processing – supports archiving of data, collecting from laptops, PCs and other corporate resources in all types of formats, including audio, video and e-mail
  • Automatic collection – fast data entry and automatic data collection to the database
  • Filtering and removing of duplicates – advanced methods of filtering, removing of duplicates, analysis of possible duplicates on the basis of importance and public signage
  • Company security – annotation and revision of regulated security and controlled access
  • Built-in workflow – automation and workflow including notes, comments, interviews and follow-up
  • Complete platform – the only platform suitable for all needs of an organization
  • Understaning the meaning – automatic identification of relevant information using analysis of contextual information. Automatic categorization based on the relevance, so important information is immediately available
  • Access to data – access to any data source regardless of the language and file type
  • Advanced analysis of audio files – automated analysis, including the transcript of speach to text, fonetic and conceptual search

Product Benefits

  • Low costs – 60% savings when comparing to other solutions because of our rational technology and experts ensure lower costs associated with processing and project management
  • Reduced risk – minimizing costs and risk by limiting the exchange of data between several systems during inquiry process, maintaining the chain reports and reduce the risk of data corruption
  • Massive scalability
  • Integrated search – includes all the repositories, databases, formats (including audio and video) and languages for full search and discovery
  • Proven success – effectively manages electronic data

For more effective management of electronic data are suitable products VERI2 Search server and IDOL TM Server.

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