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VERI2 Search server enables simple, effective search and access to company information and documents. VERI2 Search server solution is implemented with modern, constantly evolving technologies and systems, which ensure constant progress in all areas, even in the future, and will bring to employees:

  • Quick access to all information assets of the organization
  • Preserve documents in their original format without unnecessary duplication
  • Simple, easy-to-use and high-quality search with a robust query language
  • Sort information by importance
  • Possibility to build a knowledge base
  • System fully supporting Slovak diacritics / support of local languages and grammr and the possibility of extension to other languages
  • Simple and almost automatic system management

Text content analysis

  • automatically group information according to sophisticated text content analysis, through topics found in unstructured text with the ability for the user to set the number of documents in the group
  • automatically search for content-related documents to viewed text, finding content related / similar documents is based on automated analysis of text content

VERI2 Search Server product areas of use:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge management
  • Enterprise search
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Discovery and many more.