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Financial analysis

According to competitive market economy conditions, warranty protection is required for all market participants. In business relationship, it’s one of means which should serve the purpose, legal obligation to record and publish the official, publicly available records, certain facts, relevant to business relationship.

Financial analysis is shown as an assessment for evaluating business partners on the one hand and continuous control of own business on the other hand. Both of these activities are part of financial management.

By finance is reflected every activity of company from its establishment, production, innovation or disposal. Financial goals are a crucial part of corporate objectives in the short and long term. Financial management and decision-making is centralised in movement of capital and money. Based on the techno-economic strategy and tactics of the company, it’s reversably affected. It is closely associated with external economical environment of the company and business systems of financial relationships in which the company enters in obtaining financial resources and allocating them to bound individual components of property in pruductive use and allocation of assets and achievements.

Our company offers a product, that is designed for work simplification of directors and owners of companies, financial directors and managers, economists, as well as Chief accountants, who takes results of financial analysis as an important tool to assess the efectiveness and efficiency of all activities of the company in terms of finances.

Main advantages of our products in financial analysis area are:

  • possibility of analyzing large data sets
  • possibility of working with different data types
  • system only reads the data and source data does not edit or otherwise does not handle them
  • see trends
  • allows control of different standards
  • possibility of cleaning data for accurate and full view
  • possibility of automatic testing and commenting via e-mail
  • pairing possibility of hard pairable data
  • possibility of joining multiple tables
  • possibility of a certified access to SAP R/3 data

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