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i2 iBase

Successfull investigation and intelligent analysis require ability to effectively store and retrieve large data sets from investigation. i2 iBase is a complete solution for acquiring, controlling and analyzing data from different sources in a secure environment. Intuitive visual approach of i2 iBase offers direct access to strong analytical dependencies developed during years of cooperation with Law enforcement, military, national security and commercial analysts. 

i2 iBase is specifically designed for investigative analysis. In modeling of the world in terms of continuous natures, such as connections between people, are data structured according to intelligent analytical process and therefore i2 iBase allows the identification of hidden relationships between data and increases the productivity of analysts.

Using i2 iBase, you can:

  • Easily create your own user database without advanced technical knowledge
  • Quickly fill in your databases using flexible import options
  • Query your data with simple drawing your questions, to avoid the learning process of a complex database query language
  • Do powerful search and data analysis or easily display data in other i2 products
  • Work individually or as part of the team with the same data
  • Set up a complex protection of access to data and different access levels
  • Use control function that allows you to view, who has worked with data

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