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Technical support and maintenance

If you need to clarify, explain, or just find out if something is possible and how it works, we will gladly answer your questions. Our team of professionals is ready to consult with you any questions falling within the scope of our lines. You can use our contact form, or call our phone number 02 / 4363 4254.

When deciding on technical support and maintenance, you should take care of size and quality of their service. This way you can avoid inaccessible phones, unanswered emails and negative reactions, which are normal by some service providers of technical support. If someone is really good in technical support to the customer, it’ll make many things simpler and faster.

  • Service guide – description of all services, which is understandable for an average user.
  • Help – important is very high-standard help in native language of customer, which in case of doubt will clearly explain the correct proccesses and steps.
  • Language environment – choose always such technical support that provides the ability to communicate in your native language. Many of technical data and settings are much easier to manage in a language you understand best.
  • On-line support – reliable technical support provider responds to your e-mail as quickly as possible.
  • Phone support – beware of the quality of telephone support.
  • Clarity – clearly prioritize your native language environment of applications for management of your services.
  • Awareness – good support provider will inform you regulary with an email newsletter about current benefits and actions so you get all relevant information on time.