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IDOL Server

IDOL Server is based on intelligent platform Intelligent Data Operating LayerTM (IDOL). Idol operates over large data sets and serves as a platform for conceptual understanding of content and company’s information. This complete layer over infrastructure allows automatic categorisation, hyperlinking and profiling all types of unstructured information in real time regardless of the source. Automatically can process any information from more than 1,000 different formats, including text, voice or video, and provides more than 500 functions.

Selected key features:

  •     Automatic hyperlinking
  •     Automatic categorization
  •     Automatic question support
  •     Automatic creation of taxonomies
  •     Mood Analysis
  •     Automatic clustering
  •     Visualization of clusters
  •     Controlled navigation
  •     Entity extraction
  •     Custom agents
  •     Profiling
  •     Conceptual search
  •     Full metadata, XML and management of structured information

IDOLTM Server is used in Enterprise searche-Commerce i e-Discovery and many other areas where working primarily with unstructured data.

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