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e-Commerce is a profitable business activity, in which a trader uses future thinking. Customers who use online shopping are very technically proficient but on the other hand, thay have little patience.

Constantly increasing demands of users are making a permanent pressure for improvement and development of company’s product portfolio, which deal with e-Commerce.

When companies from e-Commerce are placed under intolerable pressure from customers and competitors, we offer them the opportunity to save.

Benefits of e-commerce solutions for our customers:

  • increase profits by 50% based on adaption to customer
  • increase average amount of orders by recommending products
  • reduce costs by simplifying the organization shares
  • identify model behaviour of customers using sales statistics
  • search of inflected terms – not looking for just the expression but also fot its variations
  • reduce the number of clicks between first entry on the website and ordering process.

It’s not possible to sell what the user can’t find.

Solution for e-Commerce represents products VERI2 Search server and IDOL TM Server.

Dear customer, if you are interested in obtaining more information about this product, please send us your questions using the contact form.