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VERI2 DAT Solution

The main purpose of VERI2 DAT Server solution and DAT client is to provide effective support to companies in the following activities:

  • Easily and quickly find the information needed for routine work, as well as strategic or operational decisions (information resources, databases and knowledge)
  • Continuous monitoring and filtering of necessary data from different information sources with the immediate possibility to distinguish and highlight information on potential business and investment opportunities, problems, or frauds
  • Meaningful visualization and presentation information and knowledge so that we were able to understand the situation – Analyze and identify the causes, consequences, further development and determine the next direction of the company activities

With VERI2 DAT Solution you can fully integrate your internal company information stored on in-plant systems with publicly available information from external information sources and ensure efficient processes run in two main areas:

  • Develop and support business – identifying business opportunities, acquisition of new clients, monitoring clients, monitoring competition,
  • Prevention – to identify weaknesses, risks of losing customers, fraud detection, detection of non payers…

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