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Robust and clear information base (platform, architecture), which is able to collect, make available, then analyze and evaluate information from various sources. On this platform you have the opportunity to create your own variable views and analyzes on internal and external data sources. Users get this way comprehensive access to necessary information for their evaluation and analysis.

Hybrid Analytic Platform will give you the opportunity to submit data and information of various types to different types of analyzes, as well as functionalities for various analytical tools, for example:

  • Creation of a platform and electronic services (statistical, financial, content analysis, link analysis, visualization and analysis of geographical data, …)
  • Support of automated execution of various analytical scenarios

The hybrid analytics platform is suitable for any organization that needs and wants to have an overview not only of what is happening around, but also in the field of competition, wants to have a tool to understand the ever-changing behavior of companies and people from different perspectives and use it to their advantage.

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