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i2 Analyst’s Notebook

Analyst’s Notebook is a software product used for data analysis and investigation. It is a software tool based on ELP (entity-link-property) methodology, which give the user the ability to have insight in relationship between data entities to discover patterns and insight in data. It is a visual analytical tool displaying complex information that makes sense for many relationships between objects (people, companies, bank accounts, telephones, etc.) and between individual events or transactions. It helps analysts or investigators identify, reveal and display information in clear and easy-to-understand diagrams and charts.

Analyst’s notebook is common used tool by digital analyst’s at law enforcement, military and other governmental intelligence bodies, or at fraud departments in financial, regulators etc.

Analyst’s Notebook is a commonly used tool for digital analysts, law enforcement agencies, military and other government intelligence agencies, or financial departments, regulators, etc.

Solve tasks using the following features:

  • Visualization – offering a variety of visualization techniques and a variety of views of the information that the user is analyzing
  • Data analysis – data is displayed in diagrams and diagrams according to the user’s ideas, helping him to orient himself in a large tangle of data, gradually unraveling relationships and quickly revealing key information
  • Data sorting – currently we have information in various forms and forms (minutes, records, photos, videos, spreadsheets, spoken language, text files, emails, databases, …) ANB can work with all these forms – merge, organize various real-time data will be analyzed and summarized in visual form
  • Intelligent graphics

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