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i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium

i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium offers a rich analytics environment, building on the strong visual analysis of Analyst’s Notebook, which includes key elements for collecting, managing, viewing and analyzing intelligence data. It also helps to reduce the costs associated with comprehensive analyzes of your knowledge and information. i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium consists of a local analytical repository and a specialized interface for fast data management and detailed visual analysis. It is designed primarily to help analysts and investigators discover key information, that is hidden in the amount of diverse data needed to fight today’s sophisticated criminal and terrorist organizations.


  • Specialized options for data management, information discovery, display and management of diagrams
  • Import data using a visual wizard that includes checking of duplicates
  • Sharing monitored information by exporting to commonly supported data formats
  • Rich visual analytics capabilities supported by local optimized analytics repositories
  • Presents the results in a clear, fast and easy to understand form